Why I ate dried Squids today…

okay… When I got up today the Burnaby Campus was on snow lockdown (SFU got 3 campus: Vancouver Downtown, Surrey and Burnaby, where I’m stayin at), meaning that the whole campus was closed.
Bank closed.
Bookstore closed.
Gym closed.
Simply a complete lockdown.

As a consequence, I was not able to put up a bank account, get my books or any of the stuff I actually had to do.
However, Surrey Campus was not closed so my first class at SFU took place.

Surrey Campus is located… well in Surrey of course. Another suburb of Vancouver. 40 minutes away from Burnaby Campus by Sky Train.
The building is beautiful. It’s simply amazing. Pictures after the click.

So down in the mall I discovered an Asian supermarket. Like asian groceries only! You know that Asians are crazy so they have these strange packaging. And I explored Dried Shredded Smoked Squid (Last picture). I became curious. And of course I had to statisfy my curiosity. So I bought it. Pictures after the click.

Turns out it actually tastes really good. But smells horrible like cat food. Ewww…

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