Some facts about Canadian Culture

Hey Party People back in Germany.

During the last week I made an observation: Candians just loooove to stand in line. For every single little triffle they put up a queue. Even at the bus stop! They stand in line for the bus, BEFORE the bus is arriving. They even have markers on the pavement to display you WHERE to stand in line! Crazy Canadians…

One other thing that struck me Downtown in Vancouver: They seem to have a lot of problems with beggars and homeless people. Every 5 minutes I get asked for some money, a loonie (1 Dollar Münze) to buy some food or even to go and buy them food! Or they hold the door open and demand money for it. I mean i like to give beggars, homeless people and street musicians some money… but there are so many of them, If I give everyone of of them 25 cents I am broke when I drive back home…
But there are also a lot of creative people makeing their money on the streets. A lot of homeless come up with creative signs (“Virus killed my family, donate for anti-virus”, “My girlfriend is fat, need money for slimming cure” (Schlankheitskur)) or do small little shows with sideflips, juggling and one-thumbed push-ups).

And the Canadians have a lot of good food downtown. However, the favourite food here is not salmon, sushi (cuz of all the asians) or tuna. NOOOOO!
The favourite food here is: Instant Maccaron with Cheese! For research reasons I bought a pack 😉

KayDee)Or how the people here call it: Ka-Di (pronounced: Kay-Dee)
Tastes addicting and disgusting at the same time. It’s like in the Simpsons episode with “Tomacco”: “Schmeckt wie Oma unterm Arm… Ich will mehr!!!”
Simpsons – Tomacco

4 responses to “Some facts about Canadian Culture

  1. Wieviel E´s sind den da drin? Da haben die Amis und die Kanadier dann ja doch etwas gemeinsam.

  2. Würde vorschlagen, du bringst ein paar Kanadier mit hier her, die können den Deutschen das Schlangestehen mal beibringen!

  3. Haiii, na wie geht es dir ?wann gibts wieder neue WICHTIGE News aus vancouver ich warte schon was länger hier darauf das du mal wieder was schreibst oder ein Video machst naya kannst ja mal schreiben xD sseliina

  4. Haha, ja an Kraftdinner musst du dich hier gewöhnen 😉 DIE Mahlzeit für kochfaule Menschen 😛

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