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Dave’s Homecoming Countdown: #14 Malls & Food Courts

Who does not love malls?
Teenies spend most of their time here (and the girls dress up (why by the way? it’s just the mall)), you can get anything you want, mall cops inspect you to every detail. It is chilly… not hassle… malls are awesome… but not better than shopping areas in Europe I have to admit. Although I will miss all the sweet malls… they can never be regarded as a subsitute for the neat shopping areas in Copenhagen, Paris or Rome!

Still…. I will miss you malls.

And of course the very best thing about every mall… FOOD COURT!
Where else can you meet Koreans, Italians, Greek and Yankees 😉

For this I made a list about the best Food Court booths:

#1 Dairy Queen: God I love DQ Ice Cream… before you leave the food court… one delicious Oreo Blizzard… tastes like chocolate cookie and sunday ice-cream making sweet delicious love in my mouth… makes this world a better place! So if you hit USA or Canada, grab everybody around you and make a detour to DQ ice-cream and experience a culinary orgasm 😉

2. Sushi Place: Cheap (well-priced, not cheap!) and good quality sushi in every mall… Heaven on earth for me!

#3 Your China-Man: One word: Orange-Chicken. Incredibly delicious orange chicken… tastes like a sweet rickshaw ride through the region of Hunan in my mouth!

God I will miss this…

Dave’s Homecoming Countdown: #15 Being called European

“You are so European.”
“You sound like you’re from Europe… Where are you from?
“Woh… you are not Canadian, are you?
“What are European girls like? Are they really so… crazy?”

Sentences like those. I will miss them. Being typically European, being recognized for it and being asked silly questions like the one above. Makes life often very easy because youre get away with things easier and you can just pretend that you don’t speak  English in worst case scenario. (Happened once with the bus driver :-P)

As much as I love Europe, as much I will miss being called European istead of German.

The following sentence is from a real conversation at a Pub Night:
“Duuuuuuude! Germany! Wow! That’s awesome! I always wanted to go to Copenhagen!”

Haha… I love this!

Dave’s Homecoming Countdown: #16 Pressing buttons to open the door

Buttons. Buttons to open a door. Rarely appears in Germany. But here, they are at every door! Really… trust me. Everyhwhere!
And all the people here are too lazy to open the doors themselves anymore. They just press the button because they are so friecking lazy.
And that is contagious (ansteckend)! I became so lazy that I don’t even want to finish th

Dave’s Homecoming Countdown: #17 Russell Peters Jokes

In Canada, everybody knows Russell Peters. Back in Germany. Not so much.

When you go: “Son. I can’t hear. Nothings coming” with a turning hand motion in the area of the head, everybody bursts into laughing. People around you make Russell Peters jokes, they understand you if you make references or quotes. So funny. I will miss that definetely.
But enough from me, let’s let Mr. Peters tell something himself.

Someone’s gonna get a hurt real bad!

Dave’s Homecoming Countdown: #18 Buying 5 liters of Milk

I LOVE MILK. Seriously. Milk is so amazing. It is soothing, cold, refreshing, healthy, tasty… Simply Amazing.
Waking up at 3 in the morning, being amazingly thirsty and pouring down half a liter of soothing milk down your throat… aaaaaaahhhh. Incredible.

But buying milk in germany is so complicated. You have to buy 3… or do you buy 2 boxes? Can’t decide. But Canada has the solution:



Dave’s Homecoming Countdown: #20 Cursing in English

Dumbass. Fool. Stupid. Bitches. CRACKERS!

Cursing in English is so much fun becaue it seems not that big of a deal like in German. Especially complaining about the SFU Staff has become aqutie fashionable thing for me and Ian.
A often used word by Ian and me is: Crackers! It is a short version for Racist Crackers. Since I am German, not from this county and Ian obviously black, we like to make our ethnicity and cultural background responsible for shit that happens. Here is a typical conversation:

Dave: Damn Ian. They didn’t let me in because I were on the guest list.
Ian: Crackers!


Ian: Dave, let’s go to the gym.
Dave: Dude! Today is a holiday. They’re closed.
Ian: Crackers!

And what I will really miss: Ian calling me dumbass. Whenever I forget or lose something, Ian calls me dumbass. English equivalent to IDIOT.
Cursing in English is just awesome. Funny and cool at the same time. I will miss that.

Mysterious Bubble Tea

During the whole semester, studetns had been running over campus with a strange looking drink. It looks like this:

Of course, I’ve been asking me the same questions you might ask yourself now: What is this? What are those little black balls? What does it taste like? Where can I get this crazy stuff?
Well, after a covnersation with my norwegian friend Erlend, I found out, it is called Bubble Tea.
As the name claims, it is based on tea and those small little bals are called “pearls” and you can get this beverage in two types: Tea and Milk based drinks. Before given to the customer they are put into a machine.. This machine does to the drink what the McFlurry Machine is doing to the McFlurry at McDonald’s: shake, mix, twirl them.

I got myself also one of these weird Bubble Teas. I didn’t trust the weird tea flavoures one, so I got a strawberry/bananna milk flavour one and it tastes: fluffy and juicy. So if you guys ever get the chance to try a bubble tea: Go For It!