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Finally Report from California!

Hey guys. I know I’m back since a week, but I have a lot of stuff going on here. Hell Yah, now the reports in 3 parts finally. Enjoi!




Canadian Song of the Week: Metric – Dead Disco

This Week in our Category: Canadian Song of the Week: Metric

Metric has been founded in 1998 and are living currently in Toronto. Metric are petty successful in the USA and in Canada. However, they are not that famous in Europe yet.  I think we should change that fact! Metric have released 4 albums up until now and have released a new single called: Help, I’m Alive recently.
Today in the Grizzly Opera: Dead Disco!
Rock after the click:


Canadian Song of the Week: k-os – Crabbuckit

Today I want to introduce you to one of my favourite artists: k-os
K-os is a canadian artist mixing a lot of different music genres: Reggae, Hip Hop, RnB, Rock, Pop, Jazz etc. etc.
He is not very popular outside of Canada, but his style and music are exceptional. His music style is unmistakable.

Today in the Grizzly Opera: k-os with Crabbuckit


New Category: Canadian Song of the Week!

Okay guys. To bring more fun into this blog and to make it more musical I am introducing a new category:

The Canadian Song of the Week!

Every Friday I will post a Canadian Song here to bring everybody a little bit closer to Canadian Music:

My first post contains an artist who is originally born in Germany! His name is Corneille and Corneille is a Rwandan Quebecois (lebt in Quebec) francophone singer. But I don’t want to flash you guys with french music in the first week so I will post one of his recent songs sung in English: Back to Life from his album The Birth of Cornelius
Enjoy after the click!


Some facts about Canadian Culture

Hey Party People back in Germany.

During the last week I made an observation: Candians just loooove to stand in line. For every single little triffle they put up a queue. Even at the bus stop! They stand in line for the bus, BEFORE the bus is arriving. They even have markers on the pavement to display you WHERE to stand in line! Crazy Canadians…

One other thing that struck me Downtown in Vancouver: They seem to have a lot of problems with beggars and homeless people. Every 5 minutes I get asked for some money, a loonie (1 Dollar Münze) to buy some food or even to go and buy them food! Or they hold the door open and demand money for it. I mean i like to give beggars, homeless people and street musicians some money… but there are so many of them, If I give everyone of of them 25 cents I am broke when I drive back home…
But there are also a lot of creative people makeing their money on the streets. A lot of homeless come up with creative signs (“Virus killed my family, donate for anti-virus”, “My girlfriend is fat, need money for slimming cure” (Schlankheitskur)) or do small little shows with sideflips, juggling and one-thumbed push-ups).

And the Canadians have a lot of good food downtown. However, the favourite food here is not salmon, sushi (cuz of all the asians) or tuna. NOOOOO!
The favourite food here is: Instant Maccaron with Cheese! For research reasons I bought a pack 😉

KayDee)Or how the people here call it: Ka-Di (pronounced: Kay-Dee)
Tastes addicting and disgusting at the same time. It’s like in the Simpsons episode with “Tomacco”: “Schmeckt wie Oma unterm Arm… Ich will mehr!!!”
Simpsons – Tomacco

Week 4: Vital Signs

Yeah… I didn’t have much time the past days. Was busy workin on my Communications Class Project. Just got home from the club and of course I have made some reports again to tell you about last week. Still, I have to give my reports more structure and I have to start doing them in a SOBER state…

Anyways… videos as usual AFTER the click.



Week 3: Why I watched Animal Planet and how it is to be a Black Knight!

Hey People. I’m too lazy to write everything down. As usual, you know it already: Videos after the click:



And for everybody who wants to try the quiz to find out what type of medieval leader you are, this is the link to the quiz: Kingdomality Quiz

And please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions =)

Gehe jetzt pennen ihr Deppen! NACHT!

End of Week 2: 18 $, Snow, Fried Chocolate and Drunk & Hot Girls…

Okay Party People… Finally I had the time to record the videos and rant about the weekend: Here you go:
All the pictures on flickR as usual



I dunno why but this time the quality is really really bad. Will be trying to fix this again.

Night of photos…beer…girls… and blurry memories

Yesterday was Pub Night again. And as lazy as I am i only made 2 Videos. Videos after the click.


Pictures from last Night are all on the right side in my flickR Stream

How to join a club if you have a mustache…

I was just checking the website of SFU Student Society in order to find some clubs or societies to join. Dude!
They have some really really weired clubs. For every stupid shit they have their own clubs: Here are som extracts:

Beard and Mustache Fellowship, SFU
To promote the appreciation and growth of facial hair, as well as the foam of beer in the whiskers.

Catholic Society (SFU)
We are dedicated to evangelization on campus as well as building leaders for the renewal of the world. (Haha die Katholiken haben se nimme all xD )

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship
The transformation of youth, students, and graduates into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ. (Sounds like the creation of Christian brain-washed slaves to me)

Free Hugs Society
To spread love through hugs. (Although this one is kinda cool.)

Society of Awesome Students
To be, teach and create awesome. This shall be done through the collaboration of awesome people. (I am tottaly gonna join this club! This sounds so stupid, that it’s AWESOME again 😀 )

And if you guys are wondering when I find the time to write all this stuff… at night… I don’t sleep very much I gotta admit. Everybody who wants to visit me, bring me some Kamillen-Tee to sleep. CUZ I NEVER GET TIRED OF THIS COUNTRY!