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Dave’s Homecoming Countdown: #14 Malls & Food Courts

Who does not love malls?
Teenies spend most of their time here (and the girls dress up (why by the way? it’s just the mall)), you can get anything you want, mall cops inspect you to every detail. It is chilly… not hassle… malls are awesome… but not better than shopping areas in Europe I have to admit. Although I will miss all the sweet malls… they can never be regarded as a subsitute for the neat shopping areas in Copenhagen, Paris or Rome!

Still…. I will miss you malls.

And of course the very best thing about every mall… FOOD COURT!
Where else can you meet Koreans, Italians, Greek and Yankees 😉

For this I made a list about the best Food Court booths:

#1 Dairy Queen: God I love DQ Ice Cream… before you leave the food court… one delicious Oreo Blizzard… tastes like chocolate cookie and sunday ice-cream making sweet delicious love in my mouth… makes this world a better place! So if you hit USA or Canada, grab everybody around you and make a detour to DQ ice-cream and experience a culinary orgasm 😉

2. Sushi Place: Cheap (well-priced, not cheap!) and good quality sushi in every mall… Heaven on earth for me!

#3 Your China-Man: One word: Orange-Chicken. Incredibly delicious orange chicken… tastes like a sweet rickshaw ride through the region of Hunan in my mouth!

God I will miss this…

Dave’s Homecoming Countdown: #18 Buying 5 liters of Milk

I LOVE MILK. Seriously. Milk is so amazing. It is soothing, cold, refreshing, healthy, tasty… Simply Amazing.
Waking up at 3 in the morning, being amazingly thirsty and pouring down half a liter of soothing milk down your throat… aaaaaaahhhh. Incredible.

But buying milk in germany is so complicated. You have to buy 3… or do you buy 2 boxes? Can’t decide. But Canada has the solution:



Dave’s Homecoming Countdown: #19 Sitting in Dining Hall and feeling like being in a High-School Movie

The Dining Hall at SFU is just like any other Dining Hall you know from High-School Movie. Every clique or groupe has it’s own table. They make fun about other tables. There are the Athlethes. The Freaks. The Brown Crowd (Indian, Middle-Eastern, Pakistani etc), there are the Cool Kids and so on.

I will miss sitting in the Dining Hall, complaining about the extra bottle of crap they put in the food so it tastes so horrid. I will miss watching all the young students enjoying their group, screaming and laughing, or drowning in their own greif cuz they can’t sit with the cool kids. I will miss you Dining Hall.

Mysterious Bubble Tea

During the whole semester, studetns had been running over campus with a strange looking drink. It looks like this:

Of course, I’ve been asking me the same questions you might ask yourself now: What is this? What are those little black balls? What does it taste like? Where can I get this crazy stuff?
Well, after a covnersation with my norwegian friend Erlend, I found out, it is called Bubble Tea.
As the name claims, it is based on tea and those small little bals are called “pearls” and you can get this beverage in two types: Tea and Milk based drinks. Before given to the customer they are put into a machine.. This machine does to the drink what the McFlurry Machine is doing to the McFlurry at McDonald’s: shake, mix, twirl them.

I got myself also one of these weird Bubble Teas. I didn’t trust the weird tea flavoures one, so I got a strawberry/bananna milk flavour one and it tastes: fluffy and juicy. So if you guys ever get the chance to try a bubble tea: Go For It!


Some facts about Canadian Culture

Hey Party People back in Germany.

During the last week I made an observation: Candians just loooove to stand in line. For every single little triffle they put up a queue. Even at the bus stop! They stand in line for the bus, BEFORE the bus is arriving. They even have markers on the pavement to display you WHERE to stand in line! Crazy Canadians…

One other thing that struck me Downtown in Vancouver: They seem to have a lot of problems with beggars and homeless people. Every 5 minutes I get asked for some money, a loonie (1 Dollar Münze) to buy some food or even to go and buy them food! Or they hold the door open and demand money for it. I mean i like to give beggars, homeless people and street musicians some money… but there are so many of them, If I give everyone of of them 25 cents I am broke when I drive back home…
But there are also a lot of creative people makeing their money on the streets. A lot of homeless come up with creative signs (“Virus killed my family, donate for anti-virus”, “My girlfriend is fat, need money for slimming cure” (Schlankheitskur)) or do small little shows with sideflips, juggling and one-thumbed push-ups).

And the Canadians have a lot of good food downtown. However, the favourite food here is not salmon, sushi (cuz of all the asians) or tuna. NOOOOO!
The favourite food here is: Instant Maccaron with Cheese! For research reasons I bought a pack 😉

KayDee)Or how the people here call it: Ka-Di (pronounced: Kay-Dee)
Tastes addicting and disgusting at the same time. It’s like in the Simpsons episode with “Tomacco”: “Schmeckt wie Oma unterm Arm… Ich will mehr!!!”
Simpsons – Tomacco

Why I ate dried Squids today…

okay… When I got up today the Burnaby Campus was on snow lockdown (SFU got 3 campus: Vancouver Downtown, Surrey and Burnaby, where I’m stayin at), meaning that the whole campus was closed.
Bank closed.
Bookstore closed.
Gym closed.
Simply a complete lockdown.

As a consequence, I was not able to put up a bank account, get my books or any of the stuff I actually had to do.
However, Surrey Campus was not closed so my first class at SFU took place.

Surrey Campus is located… well in Surrey of course. Another suburb of Vancouver. 40 minutes away from Burnaby Campus by Sky Train.
The building is beautiful. It’s simply amazing. Pictures after the click.

So down in the mall I discovered an Asian supermarket. Like asian groceries only! You know that Asians are crazy so they have these strange packaging. And I explored Dried Shredded Smoked Squid (Last picture). I became curious. And of course I had to statisfy my curiosity. So I bought it. Pictures after the click.

Turns out it actually tastes really good. But smells horrible like cat food. Ewww…

Why you don’t eat starters and Grizzly Bee(a)r…

Okay… I made a mistake. You never should order a starter AND a main meal at a Brewing House or Steak House or something like that… But I’ll just post the picture…

Yeah, that's only the starter...

Yeah, that's only the starter...

And there is a second layer of Quesadillas beneath it. So don’t let it fool you!

As I went to the bathroom of Longhorn’s (that’s where we had lunch yesterday) I made another discovery:

Your dick becomes a Lightsaber.... schiiieeeeuuuuwwww!

I'll just say the obvious: Your dick becomes a Lightsaber.... schiiieeeeuuuuwwww!

In the evening we went to a real brewing house, and I’ll just say one thing: Grizzly Beer! Awesome beer I gotta say.

However, I did some stupid things yesterday… I lost a glove… wrecked my goggles… but today ,the things that bothered me yesterday, are nullified.

It’s a neeeewww daaaay! *sing*

UPDATE: So sieht also ein GRIZZLY Beer aus:grizzly-beer

Day 001: Crashing into the first day & The Culinary Orgasm

Today my old man and me draw our first line into canadian snow.

However, it didn’t took long Destruction-Dave very long until he crashed uncontrolled into a group of adults…

Yeah your upholder of moral standards out there, I know that I am supposed to slow down on the first day instead of performing some get-yourself-killed jumps rightaway… but I got my comeuppance (hab die Quittung bekommen)…
My Arm got kinda twisted and I definetely got a concussion (Gehirnerschütterung).
But, in the end it was not that serious as I expected it to be after the crash.
Guess what, my helmet got smashed off my head! It flew right into the air and landed in the lap of a little child that played with it in the snow. At least she got something good out of the crash… 😀

But the first day was cool and I finally got to board in the white gold!
Amazing view, schneebehangene Tannen, menschenleere pisten… at some points I simply sat down and enjoyed the world around me… I wish I could share this right here with you people back in Germany… miss you guys 🙂

Welcome to Whistler Mountain

And some additional information: Everyone is so unbelievably nice, obliging and helpful. In every gondola I got to chat with some people because they are all so talkative and sympathetic!
The difference between people from Germany and from Canada is huge
The waiters and waitresses tell us their names and start chatting with us. Very very nice people here.

In the evening we hit the town again to grab something to eat. We went to a little gourmet restaurant. We had to wait for like half an hour at the bar, but the menue was worth it.

This was one of the best meals I enjoyed in my entire life!!! I almost felt humbly (demütig) after it. It was really really good. Compliment to the chef of that restaurant. The evening was great. My father and my had a lot of fun and some people started smiling at us cu we were laughing so loud.
And here come a little easteregg… They had Wine from Saar-Mosel!!! You travel 10.000s of kilometers and then you are back home. Hehe….
Ah ne.... Lummo lo

Anyway, I’m tired now…

Good night, Folks

Day 001: Shopping in the land of milk and honey

Ok guys…think of everything you always dreamed off when it comes to food. Think of all the delicious meals you had in your life… one after one…
Now imagine them all at once. Now you know what it’s like to shop groceries (Lebensmittel) in Canada.Land of Milk and Honey

At this sacred place my flavour dreams came true. Hundred different ice cream flavours, Vitamin Water, madagascar vanilla flavoured pastry dipped in strawberry-chocolate cream, provencal herb covered cheese, goat mozarella and and and and… AMAZING!!!

And the most coolest thing: Vitamin Water: Fruit flavoured water filled with Vitamins for different purposes. You need Vitamins for your brain? No problem: Focus will get you brain into gear! You are afraid of getting old? No problem: Rescue will rejuvenate you!Vitamin Water

And of course my dad and me bought them all =D They are healthy and taste like a Vitamin party in your mouth, what else can you demand from a drink! And I guess espacially you Timo… you know what I’m talking about!! =D

And the ice cream… I won’t say anything… The picture speaks for itself…

Big, Bigger, Canada!

In the upcoming days I will eat everything this devine site has to offer!!!

Halleluhja Canada IS AWESOME!!!!