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End of Week 2: 18 $, Snow, Fried Chocolate and Drunk & Hot Girls…

Okay Party People… Finally I had the time to record the videos and rant about the weekend: Here you go:
All the pictures on flickR as usual



I dunno why but this time the quality is really really bad. Will be trying to fix this again.

Canadian Monopoly Notes… or is it real money?

I just exchanged some of my money at the bank in order to avoid embarassing situations on Vancouver airport (The weired German doesn’t have any money… SECURITY GET HIM!

However, I thought US Dollars and Canadian Dollars do not differ that much… how wrong I was…

Canadian Monopoly Notes

I did not expect the Canadian Dollars to look like freeking Monopoly Notes. The Monopoly Guy would loose his moustache if he’d see how colorfoul and playful these notes are

5 $ a goal!

Imagine that in Germany: little boys playing soccer on the 5 € note!!!
For Sascha: This is over-the-top-awesome! 😛