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Dave’s Homecoming Countdown: #19 Sitting in Dining Hall and feeling like being in a High-School Movie

The Dining Hall at SFU is just like any other Dining Hall you know from High-School Movie. Every clique or groupe has it’s own table. They make fun about other tables. There are the Athlethes. The Freaks. The Brown Crowd (Indian, Middle-Eastern, Pakistani etc), there are the Cool Kids and so on.

I will miss sitting in the Dining Hall, complaining about the extra bottle of crap they put in the food so it tastes so horrid. I will miss watching all the young students enjoying their group, screaming and laughing, or drowning in their own greif cuz they can’t sit with the cool kids. I will miss you Dining Hall.

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Rez Challenge Champions!

I don’t know if you guys knew it, BUT WE ARE REZ CHALLENGE CHAMPIONS!

D6: Home of the champions

(v.l.n.r.) 1st row: Dillon, Kaif, Cody
2nd row: Rob, Dana, Jon, Juan, Ian, Me (Dave), Kyle, Neha, Allyson, Justin

Every semester all the people living on campus and their respective floors and builduings compete against each other in a sports competition called Rez Challenge. All during the semester the floors and builduings play against each other in complete different sports: Basketball, Soccer, Handball, Speedball and even combined sports of handball and football and other stuff. That means they invent new games just for the Rez Challenge.

In the last week (this week) of Rez Challenge, the teams initiate the playoffs. It works according to the same system like in US Sports. The best 8 floors make it to the playoffs. We were ranked 2nd. That means we had to play rank 7, which was B7 (B stand for Tower B and 7 for floor number 7) which is The Jack Shadbolt House). Additionally, they choose a sport for the whole playoffs. This years sport: Soccer.
But it wasn’t normal soccer. They had added two rules: First rule: instead of shooting into a goal, the players had to hit a orange cone, which was positioned in the key of the basketball court. Second rule: the players were not allowed to step into the key.
However, the quarterfinals were not that hard. In the semifinals the pressure was much higher and the best 5 players: Kaif, Kyle, Rob, Cody and me had to play almost all through the game. But we managed to stay calm and make it to the finals: D6 vs. D7

This game was really intense and it took a lot of time until someone scored a goal. The other team was as good as we were and they didn’t give up on the ball. Kaif and me had to fight like tigers on our own half to keep the key clean and keep them from playing out a opportunity to shoot.
We were pushing to score a goal, because after a while we managed to gain the upper hand. Yet, their defense was very good and they jumped into every shot which made it really hard to score. In the end of the game, Ian finally managed to push the ball out of a big quarrel into the key and hit the Cone. SCORE!!!
After that, we tried to keep up the pressure instead of trying to maintain the score. But soon the final whistle shrilled. WE WON THE REZ CHALLENGE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Filming / Party Marathon

hey guys… busy life… so as usual video report:



Talib Kweli Live in Concert

Hey party people!

Yesterday Funky Dave, Ian & Erlend went on a Talib Kweli concert downtown to the gossip night club.
Was a really nice conert, and they had amazing opnening bands. I have to say… local hip hop is amazingly cool.
My favourite opnening band: Boombox Saints

They reminded me a little of Run DMC with their rapping style and vibe, yet, with a lot of funky rythm! And they had a lot of energy on the stage!

This is a video from the concert, unfortunately, the sound is of awful quality:


Still, Talib Kweli rock’d the house as well. He did some amazing freestyling bout Vancouver and did his thing. Nice concert I have to admit.

However… we got out the club at 1:30ish in the morning. We didnt know where the next bust stop was, so we were staggerin round vancouver to find west hastings, which is the road where our bus passes by. We found the street, and there were two bus stations: one where the 135 stops, and one hwere the nightbus, the N35 stops. They were 15-20 second run apart from each other but, the 135 stop was closer to the bus if he came.
I figured: if the bus comes around the corner, and it is the N35, we still got enough time to run to the other bus stop, becasue of the bad weather we ould not be able to do it vice versa.
But Ian and Erlend didn’t listen to me, cuz the 135 stop was roofed. And of course, after an hour of waiting… the 135 bus passed us… of course… cuz why should we think logical… whatever…

We had to wait an hour more for the N35 to arrive, and got approached by at least 10 homeless people trying to sell weed, an electric shaver, a jesus statue and other weired things. That’s West-Hasting Street…

And it was raining like hell! I was wearing my chucks and my feet were wet. That is why appreciated being home at 4 in the morning even more, and I even met a girl on the bus, who went also to the concert.

In a nutshell, another adventure… It didn’t kill me, but made me stronger!

Greetings to Germany!

Some facts about Canadian Culture

Hey Party People back in Germany.

During the last week I made an observation: Candians just loooove to stand in line. For every single little triffle they put up a queue. Even at the bus stop! They stand in line for the bus, BEFORE the bus is arriving. They even have markers on the pavement to display you WHERE to stand in line! Crazy Canadians…

One other thing that struck me Downtown in Vancouver: They seem to have a lot of problems with beggars and homeless people. Every 5 minutes I get asked for some money, a loonie (1 Dollar Münze) to buy some food or even to go and buy them food! Or they hold the door open and demand money for it. I mean i like to give beggars, homeless people and street musicians some money… but there are so many of them, If I give everyone of of them 25 cents I am broke when I drive back home…
But there are also a lot of creative people makeing their money on the streets. A lot of homeless come up with creative signs (“Virus killed my family, donate for anti-virus”, “My girlfriend is fat, need money for slimming cure” (Schlankheitskur)) or do small little shows with sideflips, juggling and one-thumbed push-ups).

And the Canadians have a lot of good food downtown. However, the favourite food here is not salmon, sushi (cuz of all the asians) or tuna. NOOOOO!
The favourite food here is: Instant Maccaron with Cheese! For research reasons I bought a pack 😉

KayDee)Or how the people here call it: Ka-Di (pronounced: Kay-Dee)
Tastes addicting and disgusting at the same time. It’s like in the Simpsons episode with “Tomacco”: “Schmeckt wie Oma unterm Arm… Ich will mehr!!!”
Simpsons – Tomacco

Week 4: Vital Signs

Yeah… I didn’t have much time the past days. Was busy workin on my Communications Class Project. Just got home from the club and of course I have made some reports again to tell you about last week. Still, I have to give my reports more structure and I have to start doing them in a SOBER state…

Anyways… videos as usual AFTER the click.



Week 3: Why I watched Animal Planet and how it is to be a Black Knight!

Hey People. I’m too lazy to write everything down. As usual, you know it already: Videos after the click:



And for everybody who wants to try the quiz to find out what type of medieval leader you are, this is the link to the quiz: Kingdomality Quiz

And please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions =)

Gehe jetzt pennen ihr Deppen! NACHT!

End of Week 2: 18 $, Snow, Fried Chocolate and Drunk & Hot Girls…

Okay Party People… Finally I had the time to record the videos and rant about the weekend: Here you go:
All the pictures on flickR as usual



I dunno why but this time the quality is really really bad. Will be trying to fix this again.

Night of photos…beer…girls… and blurry memories

Yesterday was Pub Night again. And as lazy as I am i only made 2 Videos. Videos after the click.


Pictures from last Night are all on the right side in my flickR Stream

Day 16: The Lesson I never heard or How I met wonder woman

Wow. I just had one of the most funniest most awesome conversations in my life. Although I didn’t hear one word from the lesson I actually was in.

It is Monday. On Monday I have Media Across Cultures, which already made an easy impression on me.
However, I sat in the third row cuz the lecturer told us to fill up the front rows. At first, I sat alone in the row.
Suddenly this random very beautiful girl also sits down at the end of the row. I tell her to sit next to me cuz I don’t wanna sit alone and of course… because she is beautiful, right?
Rightaway she asks for my name and I tell her not to be shy, cuz Germans don’t bite. She giggles and sits next to me. We chat for like 10 secons and the lesson starts. She told me that she was once in Germany and speaks a little bit of German She is russian.
Instead of keeping the conversation up, she starts writing on her pad: ” Diese Klasse ist sehr licht.”
She probably meant “leicht” and so I correct her. She keeps writing on her pad and I answer her by writing on my laptop.

Suddenly I catch myself being in 6th grad again writing messages to avoid attacting the teacher’s attention. And that’s wht we did THE WHOLE LESSON
Writing little messages.

At first I thought she’s much older than me. Like 31 or something like that. During the conversation I let her guess for my age. She thinks 19 and I am embarassed right, 19…. Do I look 19 guys? I hope not… mabye I should buy hair restorer to grow a beard 😀

In return she asks me to ask her age. She seemed older than me, so I say 28. First she says “yeah 28″.
So I thought I had guessed right, you know? And then she corrects her statement to ” I am 21 today”
I keep the conversation up and ask some other things and she keeps repeating that she is “21 today”. At first I think she stutters but then I realize.
IT’S HER BIRTHDAY! I didn’t even realize it until then…

So this russian girl lives for 16 years in Vancouver and I think: “cool this girl can show me some intersting stuff” so I ask for her number. She avoids the question for the number and brings the conversation round to another topic. I am persistant, you guys know that, and I keep asking for her number cuz I think she is intersting. She got 6 courses (twice as much as many others) and does them all in 2 days. That’s crazy so I started calling her Wonder Woman cuz she has that shitload of courses. In return I was her spider-man 😀

However, I am persistant and keep on trying to ask Wonder Woman out. At that time I felt like a little boy trying to ask out the cute girl from the neighbourhood, but never suceeded in.

When Wonder Woman called the class a “piece of cake” and states the class “to be no challenge at all”, I try to give her a challenge.
I start a bet in which the one who has worse grades than the other, the loser has to take the winner out for dinner.

She steers the bet into a different direction: If I’ll have better grades than her I am allowed to take her out for one whole day.
WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? So I refused to accept this bet cuz I don’t want her to manipulate me and tell her that I’ll find a better bet until Wednesday, cuz the lesson (that I didn’t pay attention to) was over.

However, I can’t remember every bit of the conversation, but it was hilarious and I will remember it for a long time. Soooo awesome people here in Canada. I did all that in a Media Across Cultures lesson with a girl I have never seen in my life. Crazy Canada. Love it here!