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Dave’s Homecoming Countdown: #14 Malls & Food Courts

Who does not love malls?
Teenies spend most of their time here (and the girls dress up (why by the way? it’s just the mall)), you can get anything you want, mall cops inspect you to every detail. It is chilly… not hassle… malls are awesome… but not better than shopping areas in Europe I have to admit. Although I will miss all the sweet malls… they can never be regarded as a subsitute for the neat shopping areas in Copenhagen, Paris or Rome!

Still…. I will miss you malls.

And of course the very best thing about every mall… FOOD COURT!
Where else can you meet Koreans, Italians, Greek and Yankees 😉

For this I made a list about the best Food Court booths:

#1 Dairy Queen: God I love DQ Ice Cream… before you leave the food court… one delicious Oreo Blizzard… tastes like chocolate cookie and sunday ice-cream making sweet delicious love in my mouth… makes this world a better place! So if you hit USA or Canada, grab everybody around you and make a detour to DQ ice-cream and experience a culinary orgasm 😉

2. Sushi Place: Cheap (well-priced, not cheap!) and good quality sushi in every mall… Heaven on earth for me!

#3 Your China-Man: One word: Orange-Chicken. Incredibly delicious orange chicken… tastes like a sweet rickshaw ride through the region of Hunan in my mouth!

God I will miss this…

Finally Report from California!

Hey guys. I know I’m back since a week, but I have a lot of stuff going on here. Hell Yah, now the reports in 3 parts finally. Enjoi!




Week 4: Vital Signs

Yeah… I didn’t have much time the past days. Was busy workin on my Communications Class Project. Just got home from the club and of course I have made some reports again to tell you about last week. Still, I have to give my reports more structure and I have to start doing them in a SOBER state…

Anyways… videos as usual AFTER the click.



Day 001: Shopping in the land of milk and honey

Ok guys…think of everything you always dreamed off when it comes to food. Think of all the delicious meals you had in your life… one after one…
Now imagine them all at once. Now you know what it’s like to shop groceries (Lebensmittel) in Canada.Land of Milk and Honey

At this sacred place my flavour dreams came true. Hundred different ice cream flavours, Vitamin Water, madagascar vanilla flavoured pastry dipped in strawberry-chocolate cream, provencal herb covered cheese, goat mozarella and and and and… AMAZING!!!

And the most coolest thing: Vitamin Water: Fruit flavoured water filled with Vitamins for different purposes. You need Vitamins for your brain? No problem: Focus will get you brain into gear! You are afraid of getting old? No problem: Rescue will rejuvenate you!Vitamin Water

And of course my dad and me bought them all =D They are healthy and taste like a Vitamin party in your mouth, what else can you demand from a drink! And I guess espacially you Timo… you know what I’m talking about!! =D

And the ice cream… I won’t say anything… The picture speaks for itself…

Big, Bigger, Canada!

In the upcoming days I will eat everything this devine site has to offer!!!

Halleluhja Canada IS AWESOME!!!!