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Finished! It is over (almost!) and: WORLD PREMIERE!

Haha. No more classes for me. Two more weeks I have to prepare for my one exam. And I got al day to study. Amazing.

However there are also some bad news. I still don’t have an internship. The one company that seemed interested just told me they will not give out internship positions this year. Argh!

But, you guys know I am a pretty positive and happy person. That is why I am mainly happy about my finished Final Project. Yeah, that’s right. My final video and my first real short-film ever is completed. Wooohooo! And now WORLD PREMIERE!
It has not aired here in Canada, that’s why you guys are the first to witness this piece of work. Enjoi!


I would appreciate Feedback very much. So PLEASE. Everybod slap your keyboard and tell me what you guys think

Continued Work on the Film Project

More reports on my film projects were demanded: Here you go. Today Krysta and me did another filming session on the plate crashing scene. In of the scenes. we will have a plain background with crashing plates, used as a visual metaphor for the violence in the scene.

Krysta at work

Crashing is fun!

Filming / Party Marathon

hey guys… busy life… so as usual video report:



First Results of my mid-terms…

Okay… I received my results for my mid-term exams…. Not what I expected actually.
Investments…. I already noticed in the exam that it is completely horrible… 20%….. Disastrous…

Organizational Behaviour…. better…. but still not what I expected. The multiple choice questions were really hard. I performed better on the written questions, but the written question was only worth 10 points of 70.
In the end I went home with 50 of 70 points, which is not amazingly good, but okay. I have to work harder here than in Germany.

So I should better get started….

Film Class: Sequence Analysis: “Checkmate”

IT IS DONE!!! Finally I have finished the Photography project or how we call it in our film class: Sequence Analysis

This project took a lot of dedication, as I was working on this in the media lab until midnight on sunday and until 3 AM in the morninig yesterday night.
Special thanks again to:
Victoria – as the mysterious but beautiful girl
Chris – as our dedicated hero
Graeme – for his awesome voice
Ian – for some random stuff 😀
Winnie – the dog, isn’t she cute?

Unfortunately… the quality of the pictures is not 100% conveyed to the video, so please also checkout the pictures on flickR to see them in their full quality.
But probably everybody rather wants to see the final video. OK, here you go:
You are checkmated.. after the click!


Why there hasn’t been much around here the past weeks…

Hello party people back in Germany or here in Canada.
Voices have become louder complaining about the decreased frequency of updates lately. I am sorry.

During the past weeks I kinda forgot about my blog and had a lot of stress with my classes and my mid-term tests and other things. But today I have finished my mid-terms and I can finally breathe a little bit.

Moreover, I am glad to tell you that Dave will do a TRIP TO CALIFORNIA!
Yup, that’s right folks, Dave is going to San Diego, Los Angeles and San Fransisco! From March 7th to 14th I will be doing a roadtrip with my buddy Max, who is studying in Texas at the moment. We will rent a car and do the classic californian roadtrip during Spring Break!


But there is one thing I am really missing these days: KARNEVAL!!! On Thursday, meaning yesterday, I was studying in the facilities of SFU while you guys back in Germany are partying and celebrating de Kölsche Karneval. But we managed to set up a Karneval party on Saturday on campus! So Funky Dave will at least celebrate a bit 😉

In diesem Sinne: Kölle… Alaaf You!!


Week 4: Vital Signs

Yeah… I didn’t have much time the past days. Was busy workin on my Communications Class Project. Just got home from the club and of course I have made some reports again to tell you about last week. Still, I have to give my reports more structure and I have to start doing them in a SOBER state…

Anyways… videos as usual AFTER the click.



Week 3: Why I watched Animal Planet and how it is to be a Black Knight!

Hey People. I’m too lazy to write everything down. As usual, you know it already: Videos after the click:



And for everybody who wants to try the quiz to find out what type of medieval leader you are, this is the link to the quiz: Kingdomality Quiz

And please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions =)

Gehe jetzt pennen ihr Deppen! NACHT!

Week 3: Image Analysis

Hey guys.

Today I got again my Digital Media Communication Techniques class and it was really interesting. Assignment for today was to take one of our own pictures and analyze them….
Actually, I hate analyzing images. Already in school I hated these analyzations of paintings and talking about them until you lose the feeling for art. Unfortunately my wordpress is bitching around today so I somehow can’t upload any pictures. Sucks I know.

However, turns out that the image I chose was incredibly amazing. It was the first picture to be discussed and people were REALLY into it. After the discussion my professor and the WHOLE class applauded!
Thex friecking applauded!!!! And my image was the ONLY image after which the class was applauding. That was a pretty huge feeling.
Nevertheless, many images of the others were great as well and I like many of them in their each particular way. Was fun analyzing all these images in terms of Communication Studies and stuff like that.

Assignment for next week is to do a slideshow of images, telling the story of a hero. A Hero’s Tale you could say. We have to do this in groups of two and I teamed up with Gala, nice girl. Afterwards we will have to add a soundtrack to this, but more about this later during the week =)