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Week 4: Vital Signs

Yeah… I didn’t have much time the past days. Was busy workin on my Communications Class Project. Just got home from the club and of course I have made some reports again to tell you about last week. Still, I have to give my reports more structure and I have to start doing them in a SOBER state…

Anyways… videos as usual AFTER the click.



Week 3: Why I watched Animal Planet and how it is to be a Black Knight!

Hey People. I’m too lazy to write everything down. As usual, you know it already: Videos after the click:



And for everybody who wants to try the quiz to find out what type of medieval leader you are, this is the link to the quiz: Kingdomality Quiz

And please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions =)

Gehe jetzt pennen ihr Deppen! NACHT!

Freshly mown…

I decided to go for a new haircut yesterday. I mean… hey! New Country <-> New Haircut.


Mo(w)hawk?Has kinda somehting of a mohawk? Aint it? However, I got inspired by Rihanna’s new song:

JT’s haircut is dope. So I decided to go for it. Looks funky fresh 😛