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Dave’s is coming home… The Countdown begins…

Yeah… I am extremely sad… but also psyched to go home.

This week I realized that I won’t get an internship here in Vancouver and have to search somewhere else and hope for other admissions. So, I am booking my flight to go home, back to Germany on

24th of April

I will miss Canada. I am not finished with this country and I actually want to experience so much more.
I will miss a lot of things in Canada. Really. A LOT of things. This is why I decided to do a Countdown until I go home with the top 30 things I will miss from Canada as soon as I come home.


Finally Report from California!

Hey guys. I know I’m back since a week, but I have a lot of stuff going on here. Hell Yah, now the reports in 3 parts finally. Enjoi!




California, I < 3 You

Heelllooooo! Woooohooo!

Greetings from Los Angeles, California! I don’t have much time, cuz we are leaving off soon to Venice Beach! San Diego was really nice, the sun is shining non-stop, LA is wonderful and the Ocean is amazing! I will make a huge entry on sunday or something like that. Just to tease you a bit, some pictures:

P.S.: sorry for the huge pictures, but I didnt have the time to crop them. See you Party People!

Why there hasn’t been much around here the past weeks…

Hello party people back in Germany or here in Canada.
Voices have become louder complaining about the decreased frequency of updates lately. I am sorry.

During the past weeks I kinda forgot about my blog and had a lot of stress with my classes and my mid-term tests and other things. But today I have finished my mid-terms and I can finally breathe a little bit.

Moreover, I am glad to tell you that Dave will do a TRIP TO CALIFORNIA!
Yup, that’s right folks, Dave is going to San Diego, Los Angeles and San Fransisco! From March 7th to 14th I will be doing a roadtrip with my buddy Max, who is studying in Texas at the moment. We will rent a car and do the classic californian roadtrip during Spring Break!


But there is one thing I am really missing these days: KARNEVAL!!! On Thursday, meaning yesterday, I was studying in the facilities of SFU while you guys back in Germany are partying and celebrating de Kölsche Karneval. But we managed to set up a Karneval party on Saturday on campus! So Funky Dave will at least celebrate a bit 😉

In diesem Sinne: Kölle… Alaaf You!!


End of Week 2: 18 $, Snow, Fried Chocolate and Drunk & Hot Girls…

Okay Party People… Finally I had the time to record the videos and rant about the weekend: Here you go:
All the pictures on flickR as usual



I dunno why but this time the quality is really really bad. Will be trying to fix this again.

Finally arrived! (Day 000 – Dschingis Khan Waiting Line and the Tale of the Lost Luggage)

WOOOOOHOOO!! Funky Dave is officially canadianized!!! But what a trip dude!

There is a lot of stuff to tell, so I’ll just start right at the beginning:

Before I even started to plan my trip, people always asked me if I was worried about the length of the flight. I always went like: “What? Why? I’ll watch movies on my personal screen the WHOLE ten hours. Why should I worry bout the freeking flight?”
About that… yeah… my old man and I arrived at our seats and… No personal screens!!
What the hell? Only 2 movies in the whole 10 hours on a 10-inch screen 3m away…

Fortunate and foresightful as I was, I loaded my funky iPod with a whole Two and a Half Men Season and 3 new Californication Episodes! In addition, a friend of mine lent me that special book I was looking forward to read.
Plus, they showed Wall-E… oh my god I had no idea how cute that movie is. That little robot fellow… and yes for the ladies out there… I lost a tear when Wall-E sacrificed his life for Eve 😛

All in all, the flight wasn’t boring at all.

However, the stress began when our plane hit canadian ground again…
at the first glance, everything was perfect: beautiful interior with water streams, rocks/stones and Native American statues. Just like I imagined everything.
Even the way to the Immigration office seemed empty.

I had no idea what was expecting me…
As I entered the immigration room and saw the waiting line for students, I was not sure what to do first:
laugh or cry…

Chinese and Indians, EVERYWHERE!!! 100 people in front of my and they all where Chinese or Indian! All students!
At first I thought this was a trade fair and the Chinese and Indian were about to sell fake Louis Vuiton bags to each other 😀
As I was waiting and waiting and waiting in the queue I got to eavesdrop on some immigration conversations and it was hilarious! Here an extracts:

Immigration Officer: Do you have any food with you?
Indian guy makes disbelieving glimpse at the immigration officer
Immigration Officer: Foooood?
Indian gu: still looking disbelieving
Immigration Officer makes a gesture like he’s eating
Indian guy: Nooo, not hungry

Tooo gooood! I can’t freekin believe it. They are coming to this country to study and do not speak one simple English sentence!!! Simply unbelievable…

After that the luggage horror began. After spending one hour in the Dschingis Khan queue my dad and me got to the baggage conveyer (Gepäckband).
No Luggage.
After 10 minutes waiting.
Still no Luggage.

I talked to some other people who also where waiting for their luggage. They all stem from the same flight as we did. All German as well.
Then the airport told us via some announcements that our luggage was forgotten in some containers and that it would take additional 20 minutes to retrieve them. During that time I got to chat with a cool girl from Germany that worked in VNC for 7 months this or last year. Told me some interesting things about the city and Canada in general. She was cool.

Finally, we pushed our retrieved luggage round the airport searching for the rental service. For full 10 minutes we were straying through the catacombs of the airport searching for the rental service.
But at that point my mood had reached the climax and I was not able to be disturbed in my mood by anything. I AM IN CANADA, WOOOHOO!!

Got our car with some additional money to pay and some blab la my dad was complaining about, but I didn’t care what kind of car we were about to drive as long as it had 4 wheels and enough space for the luggage.
After 2 more dangerous hours on meandering mountain streets through the darkness of Canada we arrived in the mountains at Whistler.

What a hell of a trip. But I already love it.
Pictures soon!