Dave’s Homecoming Countdown: #20 Cursing in English

Dumbass. Fool. Stupid. Bitches. CRACKERS!

Cursing in English is so much fun becaue it seems not that big of a deal like in German. Especially complaining about the SFU Staff has become aqutie fashionable thing for me and Ian.
A often used word by Ian and me is: Crackers! It is a short version for Racist Crackers. Since I am German, not from this county and Ian obviously black, we like to make our ethnicity and cultural background responsible for shit that happens. Here is a typical conversation:

Dave: Damn Ian. They didn’t let me in because I were on the guest list.
Ian: Crackers!


Ian: Dave, let’s go to the gym.
Dave: Dude! Today is a holiday. They’re closed.
Ian: Crackers!

And what I will really miss: Ian calling me dumbass. Whenever I forget or lose something, Ian calls me dumbass. English equivalent to IDIOT.
Cursing in English is just awesome. Funny and cool at the same time. I will miss that.

Dave’s is coming home… The Countdown begins…

Yeah… I am extremely sad… but also psyched to go home.

This week I realized that I won’t get an internship here in Vancouver and have to search somewhere else and hope for other admissions. So, I am booking my flight to go home, back to Germany on

24th of April

I will miss Canada. I am not finished with this country and I actually want to experience so much more.
I will miss a lot of things in Canada. Really. A LOT of things. This is why I decided to do a Countdown until I go home with the top 30 things I will miss from Canada as soon as I come home.


Mysterious Bubble Tea

During the whole semester, studetns had been running over campus with a strange looking drink. It looks like this:

Of course, I’ve been asking me the same questions you might ask yourself now: What is this? What are those little black balls? What does it taste like? Where can I get this crazy stuff?
Well, after a covnersation with my norwegian friend Erlend, I found out, it is called Bubble Tea.
As the name claims, it is based on tea and those small little bals are called “pearls” and you can get this beverage in two types: Tea and Milk based drinks. Before given to the customer they are put into a machine.. This machine does to the drink what the McFlurry Machine is doing to the McFlurry at McDonald’s: shake, mix, twirl them.

I got myself also one of these weird Bubble Teas. I didn’t trust the weird tea flavoures one, so I got a strawberry/bananna milk flavour one and it tastes: fluffy and juicy. So if you guys ever get the chance to try a bubble tea: Go For It!


Finished! It is over (almost!) and: WORLD PREMIERE!

Haha. No more classes for me. Two more weeks I have to prepare for my one exam. And I got al day to study. Amazing.

However there are also some bad news. I still don’t have an internship. The one company that seemed interested just told me they will not give out internship positions this year. Argh!

But, you guys know I am a pretty positive and happy person. That is why I am mainly happy about my finished Final Project. Yeah, that’s right. My final video and my first real short-film ever is completed. Wooohooo! And now WORLD PREMIERE!
It has not aired here in Canada, that’s why you guys are the first to witness this piece of work. Enjoi!


I would appreciate Feedback very much. So PLEASE. Everybod slap your keyboard and tell me what you guys think

Continued Work on the Film Project

More reports on my film projects were demanded: Here you go. Today Krysta and me did another filming session on the plate crashing scene. In of the scenes. we will have a plain background with crashing plates, used as a visual metaphor for the violence in the scene.

Krysta at work

Crashing is fun!

Universe’s April Joke

On the 1st of April 2009, Dave opened his window and had to witness this:


Welcome to Canada!

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Rez Challenge Champions!

I don’t know if you guys knew it, BUT WE ARE REZ CHALLENGE CHAMPIONS!

D6: Home of the champions

(v.l.n.r.) 1st row: Dillon, Kaif, Cody
2nd row: Rob, Dana, Jon, Juan, Ian, Me (Dave), Kyle, Neha, Allyson, Justin

Every semester all the people living on campus and their respective floors and builduings compete against each other in a sports competition called Rez Challenge. All during the semester the floors and builduings play against each other in complete different sports: Basketball, Soccer, Handball, Speedball and even combined sports of handball and football and other stuff. That means they invent new games just for the Rez Challenge.

In the last week (this week) of Rez Challenge, the teams initiate the playoffs. It works according to the same system like in US Sports. The best 8 floors make it to the playoffs. We were ranked 2nd. That means we had to play rank 7, which was B7 (B stand for Tower B and 7 for floor number 7) which is The Jack Shadbolt House). Additionally, they choose a sport for the whole playoffs. This years sport: Soccer.
But it wasn’t normal soccer. They had added two rules: First rule: instead of shooting into a goal, the players had to hit a orange cone, which was positioned in the key of the basketball court. Second rule: the players were not allowed to step into the key.
However, the quarterfinals were not that hard. In the semifinals the pressure was much higher and the best 5 players: Kaif, Kyle, Rob, Cody and me had to play almost all through the game. But we managed to stay calm and make it to the finals: D6 vs. D7

This game was really intense and it took a lot of time until someone scored a goal. The other team was as good as we were and they didn’t give up on the ball. Kaif and me had to fight like tigers on our own half to keep the key clean and keep them from playing out a opportunity to shoot.
We were pushing to score a goal, because after a while we managed to gain the upper hand. Yet, their defense was very good and they jumped into every shot which made it really hard to score. In the end of the game, Ian finally managed to push the ball out of a big quarrel into the key and hit the Cone. SCORE!!!
After that, we tried to keep up the pressure instead of trying to maintain the score. But soon the final whistle shrilled. WE WON THE REZ CHALLENGE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!