Finished! It is over (almost!) and: WORLD PREMIERE!

Haha. No more classes for me. Two more weeks I have to prepare for my one exam. And I got al day to study. Amazing.

However there are also some bad news. I still don’t have an internship. The one company that seemed interested just told me they will not give out internship positions this year. Argh!

But, you guys know I am a pretty positive and happy person. That is why I am mainly happy about my finished Final Project. Yeah, that’s right. My final video and my first real short-film ever is completed. Wooohooo! And now WORLD PREMIERE!
It has not aired here in Canada, that’s why you guys are the first to witness this piece of work. Enjoi!


I would appreciate Feedback very much. So PLEASE. Everybod slap your keyboard and tell me what you guys think

Continued Work on the Film Project

More reports on my film projects were demanded: Here you go. Today Krysta and me did another filming session on the plate crashing scene. In of the scenes. we will have a plain background with crashing plates, used as a visual metaphor for the violence in the scene.

Krysta at work

Crashing is fun!

Universe’s April Joke

On the 1st of April 2009, Dave opened his window and had to witness this:


Welcome to Canada!

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Rez Challenge Champions!

I don’t know if you guys knew it, BUT WE ARE REZ CHALLENGE CHAMPIONS!

D6: Home of the champions

(v.l.n.r.) 1st row: Dillon, Kaif, Cody
2nd row: Rob, Dana, Jon, Juan, Ian, Me (Dave), Kyle, Neha, Allyson, Justin

Every semester all the people living on campus and their respective floors and builduings compete against each other in a sports competition called Rez Challenge. All during the semester the floors and builduings play against each other in complete different sports: Basketball, Soccer, Handball, Speedball and even combined sports of handball and football and other stuff. That means they invent new games just for the Rez Challenge.

In the last week (this week) of Rez Challenge, the teams initiate the playoffs. It works according to the same system like in US Sports. The best 8 floors make it to the playoffs. We were ranked 2nd. That means we had to play rank 7, which was B7 (B stand for Tower B and 7 for floor number 7) which is The Jack Shadbolt House). Additionally, they choose a sport for the whole playoffs. This years sport: Soccer.
But it wasn’t normal soccer. They had added two rules: First rule: instead of shooting into a goal, the players had to hit a orange cone, which was positioned in the key of the basketball court. Second rule: the players were not allowed to step into the key.
However, the quarterfinals were not that hard. In the semifinals the pressure was much higher and the best 5 players: Kaif, Kyle, Rob, Cody and me had to play almost all through the game. But we managed to stay calm and make it to the finals: D6 vs. D7

This game was really intense and it took a lot of time until someone scored a goal. The other team was as good as we were and they didn’t give up on the ball. Kaif and me had to fight like tigers on our own half to keep the key clean and keep them from playing out a opportunity to shoot.
We were pushing to score a goal, because after a while we managed to gain the upper hand. Yet, their defense was very good and they jumped into every shot which made it really hard to score. In the end of the game, Ian finally managed to push the ball out of a big quarrel into the key and hit the Cone. SCORE!!!
After that, we tried to keep up the pressure instead of trying to maintain the score. But soon the final whistle shrilled. WE WON THE REZ CHALLENGE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Filming / Party Marathon

hey guys… busy life… so as usual video report:



Talib Kweli Live in Concert

Hey party people!

Yesterday Funky Dave, Ian & Erlend went on a Talib Kweli concert downtown to the gossip night club.
Was a really nice conert, and they had amazing opnening bands. I have to say… local hip hop is amazingly cool.
My favourite opnening band: Boombox Saints

They reminded me a little of Run DMC with their rapping style and vibe, yet, with a lot of funky rythm! And they had a lot of energy on the stage!

This is a video from the concert, unfortunately, the sound is of awful quality:


Still, Talib Kweli rock’d the house as well. He did some amazing freestyling bout Vancouver and did his thing. Nice concert I have to admit.

However… we got out the club at 1:30ish in the morning. We didnt know where the next bust stop was, so we were staggerin round vancouver to find west hastings, which is the road where our bus passes by. We found the street, and there were two bus stations: one where the 135 stops, and one hwere the nightbus, the N35 stops. They were 15-20 second run apart from each other but, the 135 stop was closer to the bus if he came.
I figured: if the bus comes around the corner, and it is the N35, we still got enough time to run to the other bus stop, becasue of the bad weather we ould not be able to do it vice versa.
But Ian and Erlend didn’t listen to me, cuz the 135 stop was roofed. And of course, after an hour of waiting… the 135 bus passed us… of course… cuz why should we think logical… whatever…

We had to wait an hour more for the N35 to arrive, and got approached by at least 10 homeless people trying to sell weed, an electric shaver, a jesus statue and other weired things. That’s West-Hasting Street…

And it was raining like hell! I was wearing my chucks and my feet were wet. That is why appreciated being home at 4 in the morning even more, and I even met a girl on the bus, who went also to the concert.

In a nutshell, another adventure… It didn’t kill me, but made me stronger!

Greetings to Germany!

Go Dave, It’s Your Birthday!

… that’s at least what everybody was thinking downtonw with this outfit I got from a girl who atually had birthday:

Happy Birthday

Earned a lot of kisses 😛

Finally Report from California!

Hey guys. I know I’m back since a week, but I have a lot of stuff going on here. Hell Yah, now the reports in 3 parts finally. Enjoi!




California, I < 3 You

Heelllooooo! Woooohooo!

Greetings from Los Angeles, California! I don’t have much time, cuz we are leaving off soon to Venice Beach! San Diego was really nice, the sun is shining non-stop, LA is wonderful and the Ocean is amazing! I will make a huge entry on sunday or something like that. Just to tease you a bit, some pictures:

P.S.: sorry for the huge pictures, but I didnt have the time to crop them. See you Party People!

Canadian Song of the Week: Metric – Dead Disco

This Week in our Category: Canadian Song of the Week: Metric

Metric has been founded in 1998 and are living currently in Toronto. Metric are petty successful in the USA and in Canada. However, they are not that famous in Europe yet.  I think we should change that fact! Metric have released 4 albums up until now and have released a new single called: Help, I’m Alive recently.
Today in the Grizzly Opera: Dead Disco!
Rock after the click: