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Day 001: Shopping in the land of milk and honey

Ok guys…think of everything you always dreamed off when it comes to food. Think of all the delicious meals you had in your life… one after one…
Now imagine them all at once. Now you know what it’s like to shop groceries (Lebensmittel) in Canada.Land of Milk and Honey

At this sacred place my flavour dreams came true. Hundred different ice cream flavours, Vitamin Water, madagascar vanilla flavoured pastry dipped in strawberry-chocolate cream, provencal herb covered cheese, goat mozarella and and and and… AMAZING!!!

And the most coolest thing: Vitamin Water: Fruit flavoured water filled with Vitamins for different purposes. You need Vitamins for your brain? No problem: Focus will get you brain into gear! You are afraid of getting old? No problem: Rescue will rejuvenate you!Vitamin Water

And of course my dad and me bought them all =D They are healthy and taste like a Vitamin party in your mouth, what else can you demand from a drink! And I guess espacially you Timo… you know what I’m talking about!! =D

And the ice cream… I won’t say anything… The picture speaks for itself…

Big, Bigger, Canada!

In the upcoming days I will eat everything this devine site has to offer!!!

Halleluhja Canada IS AWESOME!!!!